Chile Earthquake – Impending Doom?

Chile Earthquake – Impending Doom? Many questions are arising after a massive 8.8 earthquake shook Chile yesterday in the early hours of the morning. What do these earthquakes mean for the future of the world and does it mean it’s a sign of ‘the end’? Chile Earthquake Details Magnitude 8.8 Date-Time Saturday, February 27, 2010 […]

American Media Strikes Again – Tiger Woods

American Media Strikes Again – Tiger Woods In what appears to be a huge upset in the world of NEWS: Tiger Woods hit a tree and is now being accused of cheating on his wife. I’ve attempted to follow this story as best as I can (through watching CNN Headline News and listening to our […]

User Submissions

Opening up for user submissions! We really want to know why YOU think that the Earth sucks. Email your suggestions to: and every week we’ll go through them and post some of the best pictures, video, and news articles that you send in. Make sure to give us all of the info: why does […]

American Media

News that isn’t really news but it’s news because we watch it, read it, listen to it, etc: Yesterday (October 15th) a 6 year old boy named Falcon Heene supposedly climbed into his father’s homemade weather balloon and decided to go for a joyride. He supposedly flew all over Colorado while authorities, his parents, and Americans […]