Obesity in America – Is it a Choice? (Part 4)

Obesity in America – Is it a Choice? (Part 4 of a 4 Part Series) Anyone who walks down the aisles at the supermarket or drives down commercial America knows that it can be difficult to make healthy eating decisions. Who’s going to pick the grilled chicken sandwich on a wheat bun with a bottled […]

Smokers Who Share

Smokers Who Share Do you know someone who smokes? Does it bother you? It probably should if it doesn’t! Secondhand smoke is a mixture of the smoke that is given off from the end of the cigarette, pipe, or cigar, and ALSO includes the smoke that is exhaled by the smoker. ETS or Environmental Tobacco […]

Bed Bugs

Sleep Tight – Don’t Let the Bed Bugs BITE! Since the early 90’s bed bugs have made a resurgence around the world. The bed bug is a mean little guy who likes to inhabit your bed, sofa, and even linings of your shoes to wait for the chance to have a little snack at your expense. […]