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Flood Waters Dangerous in North East

Flood Waters Dangerous in North East As residents in the North East part of the United States begin surveying the damage done by the massive amount of flooding they are being cautious. Why you ask? Well, it seems the flood waters may be tainted with oil, sewage, trash, and possibly even biohazard waste. This threat […]

Quick Link: People Talk About Atlanta Snow

People Talk About Atlanta Snow is providing a live Twitter feed of people’s reaction to the recent snow, the arctic cold, and the ice covered roads in Atlanta, Georgia. (Thanks to Rachael Grace for the photo and & Twitter for the links!)

Blizzard Lingers in Midwest

Blizzard Lingers in Midwest After the holiday storm ripped through the midwest leaving anywhere from 4-16″ of snow in some places, it’s now lingering over the Iowa and Michigan region. Travel conditions remain dangerous if not impossible for most of the midwest (including the Dakotas and Nebraska). Officials are hoping that by tonight the winds […]

Boo, Winter has hit North America!

Boo, Winter has hit North America! It’s the middle of November and you’d think people wouldn’t be surprised about the winter weather.. but hey, when it was beautiful last week why wouldn’t we be upset!? In most parts of North America (especially the northern parts of the US and most of Canada where it is […]

Iceberg Dead Ahead

Iceberg Dead Ahead Taking a small break from the food industry bashing to focus on this monster: It’s a beauty isn’t it? Well this little chunk of our ice shelf is floating halfway between New Zealand and Antarctica around Macquarie Island. Measuring at 50m high from the waterline and 500m long this massive giant is […]