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Traffic Cone Transformer

Traffic Cone Transformer Transformers are pretty sweet but this would terrify me if I saw it on the side of the road. Thanks, Amy! 🙂

1 Month Anniversary

1 Month Anniversary Even though it’s been a couple days since we hit our 1 month mark I wanted to take a moment to post about it. I’d really like to encourage those that visit the website to contribute any ideas/pictures you have for future posts.  It’s been a really awesome month and I’m really […]

Gravity is a Myth – The Earth Sucks

Gravity is a Myth – The Earth Sucks   Something fun a friend passed along!    Sir Isaac Newton is probably rolling over in his grave.

Online Colleges

Online Colleges Many people think that they are college material.. this is not true. However, here on Earth you are welcome to join one of the many online colleges that will neither be affordable for your pocketbook or good for your health.

User Submissions

Opening up for user submissions! We really want to know why YOU think that the Earth sucks. Email your suggestions to: and every week we’ll go through them and post some of the best pictures, video, and news articles that you send in. Make sure to give us all of the info: why does […]