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Blizzard Lingers in Midwest

Blizzard Lingers in Midwest After the holiday storm ripped through the midwest leaving anywhere from 4-16″ of snow in some places, it’s now lingering over the Iowa and Michigan region. Travel conditions remain dangerous if not impossible for most of the midwest (including the Dakotas and Nebraska). Officials are hoping that by tonight the winds […]

You Suck at Craigslist – Doesn’t Suck!

You Suck at Craigslist – Doesn’t Suck! Our good friend Penn Wagner’s submission was chosen for yesterday’s YSAC. We’re big fans of YSAC and are loving her contribution. Go check it out!

Sanford Wallace

Sanford Wallace – Spam King Many people don’t know the name Sanford Wallace but maybe you’ve seen his ads for cheaper prescriptions, internet pornography sites, or even diet aids on your favorite networking sites like Facebook and Myspace.  Last week a California judge awarded Facebook $711 million in damages against the spam king himself – […]

Susan Linn

Susan Linn vs. Baby Einstein From Baby Einstein: “For the past several years, Baby Einstein has been under attack by propaganda groups taking extreme positions that try to dictate what parents should do, say and buy. Our philosophy has always been to focus on creating products that parents and babies love, and to not get sidetracked […]

American Media

News that isn’t really news but it’s news because we watch it, read it, listen to it, etc: Yesterday (October 15th) a 6 year old boy named Falcon Heene supposedly climbed into his father’s homemade weather balloon and decided to go for a joyride. He supposedly flew all over Colorado while authorities, his parents, and Americans […]