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Bedbugs – Banned Pesticide Needed to Fight Them

Bedbugs – Banned Pesticide Needed to Fight Them In this Aug. 25 photo, Delores Stewart displays bed bugs found in her home in Columbus, Ohio. A resurgence of bedbugs across the U.S. has homeowners and apartment dwellers taking desperate measures to eradicate the tenacious bloodsuckers, with some relying on dangerous outdoor pesticides and fly-by-night exterminators. […]

Goodbye Corey Haim

Goodbye Corey Haim Corey Haim passed away today, March 10th, at the age of 38. Haim was best known for his films The Lost Boys, License to Drive, and Dream a Little Dream. Haim made his first cinematic appearance in the 1984 feature film, Firstborn, which starred Sarah Jessica Parker and Robert Downey Jr. In […]

President Clinton Hospitalized

President Clinton Hospitalized A source close to Former President Bill Clinton said he was “in good spirits” today after undergoing a procedure to insert two stents (stents are tiny tubes that are inserted into narrow or blocked blood vessels to help move blood through better) into one of his coronary arteries. Clinton who will be […]

Karen Schmeer, Award Winning Film Editor, Dies at 39

Karen Schmeer, Award Winning Film Editor, Dies at 39 Karen Schmeer was a beautiful soul who edited award winning Sundance film Sergio, The Fog of War, and Sketches of Frank Gehry with Sydney Pollack. Karen passed away on Friday afternoon after a getaway car (2 men were trying to steal over the counter medications from […]

Tiger Woods Parody Songs

Tiger Woods Parody Songs (I’d be sad too Tiger!) Following the midst of allegations, scandalous photos, texts, emails etc., poor Mr. Woods cannot catch a break! Elin moves to Sweden and more and more ladies are coming out of the woods works.. I mean, wood works. If you read my other article then you know […]