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7.2 Magnitude Quake Rocks Baja California

7.2 Magnitude Quake Rocks Baja California Well, the Earth did it again! A 7.2 magnitude quake hit Baja, California this morning and was able to be felt in Los Angeles, San Diego, and even Phoenix, Arizona. While no deaths have been reported there is report of damage across the west coast. From The New York […]

Chile Earthquake – Impending Doom?

Chile Earthquake – Impending Doom? Many questions are arising after a massive 8.8 earthquake shook Chile yesterday in the early hours of the morning. What do these earthquakes mean for the future of the world and does it mean it’s a sign of ‘the end’? Chile Earthquake Details Magnitude 8.8 Date-Time Saturday, February 27, 2010 […]

President Clinton Hospitalized

President Clinton Hospitalized A source close to Former President Bill Clinton said he was “in good spirits” today after undergoing a procedure to insert two stents (stents are tiny tubes that are inserted into narrow or blocked blood vessels to help move blood through better) into one of his coronary arteries. Clinton who will be […]

Uganda Proposes Anti-Gay Bill

Uganda Proposes Anti-Gay Bill World leaders, including President Obama, are condemning Uganda for proposing a bill that would make being gay not only illegal but would call for the death penalty or life imprisonment for HIV-positive homosexuals who have sex with minors. U.S. President Barack Obama criticized the Ugandan measure while speaking at a prayer […]

Karen Schmeer, Award Winning Film Editor, Dies at 39

Karen Schmeer, Award Winning Film Editor, Dies at 39 Karen Schmeer was a beautiful soul who edited award winning Sundance film Sergio, The Fog of War, and Sketches of Frank Gehry with Sydney Pollack. Karen passed away on Friday afternoon after a getaway car (2 men were trying to steal over the counter medications from […]