More Earthquakes? Scientists say Nay!

More Earthquakes? Scientists say Nay!


As more and more news coverage comes to light over the many earthquakes that the Earth has had in the last few weeks – many are asking, is this a sign of something worse to come?

Scientists say, no way. They say that there are too many people who have built lives on major fault lines and that the news coverage is more prompt these days when these disasters occur. People are losing their homes and their lives becuase they live in these major areas where destruction is imminent.

There have been several major earthquakes that have rattled different parts of the world. Haiti, Chile, Turkey, Indonesia, and now Japan. All of these earthquakes measured 6.0 or better on the Richter scale.

It’s hard to believe that this is all normal and that nothing is going on. All I can definitely say is that if you feel like something is up, maybe you shouldn’t watch the movie 2012 or go to the USGS website.


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