Killing Fish – The American Way

Killing Fish – The American Way


The ravenous Asian Carp is on the move in the Great Lakes and the Illinois Department of Natural Resources will have none of it!

Illinois agencies have never before attempted to kill as many fish at one time as they are right now. By using the poison rotenone they are destroying some 200,000 pounds of fish. But they say that the Great Lakes ecosystem and its healthy fish population are worth the price that it is costing.

Asian Carp have slowly been making their way up the Mississippi River and its tributaries and are shifting the ecological balances by devouring enormous amounts of plankton (most days taking in some 50% of their weight) that is used to sustain other species.

Having tried and failed with the use of multimillion-dollar electronic fences to stop the carp (which can grow to a whopping 4 feet long) the department has resorted to using a deadly poison to trap them and destroy them. Just one catch – it will not only be at the cost of many viable native species but will also be at the cost of the taxpayer.

“It’s time to man the barricades. We’ve simply got to protect the Great Lakes at all costs,” said John Rogner, assistant director of the Illinois Department of Natural Resources, which is leading the chemical attack while an electronic fence is being repaired.

On Friday they had only obtained ONE Asian Carp among the boat loads of other species of dead fish. “I expected to see boatloads of Asian carp coming in. You can’t escape rotenone.” said Dan Thomas, president of the Great Lakes Sport Fishing Council.

Department of Natural Resources spokesman Chris McCloud said that the early results are inconclusive and that Asian carp could still surface: “In terms of deciding whether there are or are not Asian carp or how many, we just don’t know.”

I am absolutely nauseated at the fact that the government can run around so carelessly. They say things like, we are killing fish that sport fisherman don’t want. So that makes it okay? This is absolutely ridiculous that not only are they destroying native species in an attempt to maybe possibly destroy one they think got through but that they are wasting millions of taxpayer dollars during this recession.

Arguing American politics gives me headaches and makes Earth SUCK.


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