American Media Strikes Again – Tiger Woods

American Media Strikes Again – Tiger Woods

In what appears to be a huge upset in the world of NEWS: Tiger Woods hit a tree and is now being accused of cheating on his wife. I’ve attempted to follow this story as best as I can (through watching CNN Headline News and listening to our local metro radio station) and  it seems that many people believe that Tiger in fact did not hit anything but his wife attacked his car with a golf club (which was originally reported that she used to help him get out of the car) because she found out about this supposed other woman.

Now really.. I know that I may be a little unfair to the American media but this isn’t news. His car accident was barely news. I mean, I guess it was news for the whole 2 hours that went by before we knew he was okay. The man is a golfing legend and I can 100% understand that people wanted to know if the man was okay – so he is, what now?

More than a dozen news agencies in the United States (and over 10 more that I counted from other countries) are currently reporting on this story. All sorts of allegations are flying around that are amusing and sad (if they are true).

The main thing to remember is this: if Tiger Woods is okay then why can we not just leave him alone? He went to the hospital and was released with facial lacerations. As far as I understand he doesn’t HAVE to talk to the police (and especially not reporters) about what happened. Technically for now this is a private matter. If there is more to the story so be it, but people shouldn’t revolve the day’s news stories about this. There are other things going on out there!

Let’s just hope that he’s able to play soon enough. It’s sad that he won’t even be attending his own tournament (the Chevron World Challenge) but I wish him and his family the best.


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