Online Colleges

Online Colleges

Many people think that they are college material.. this is not true. However, here on Earth you are welcome to join one of the many online colleges that will neither be affordable for your pocketbook or good for your health.

Reasons why online colleges suck:

  • Tuition is often creepily high (compared to traditional colleges).
  • When you need do your homework you absolutely have to use a computer (go to the library if yours doesn’t work!)
  • Internet out? Storm rip through and knock your power out? Hmm.. guess you’re in a pickle mister!
  • You will be surrounded by people that will make you feel smarter (which I guess.. is actually.. good?)
  • No matter how much you want to believe your degree is worth something it is likely not. In a poll of corporate hiring recruiters, many said that they do not value a candidate’s online degree the same way they would a solid traditional degree.
  • Good luck forming a study group!
  • You cannot beat the classroom feel and open door policy of many teachers.
  • Being able to Google almost any question in a syllabus = cheating.

Extra Credit: Undergraduate Tuition Rates!

  • University of Phoenix – $400+ per credit hour
  • Kaplan University – $353 per credit hour
  • American Intercontinental University – $360+ per credit hour
  • DeVry – $575 per credit hour
  • Colorado Tech -$328 per credit hour

In this day and age many people look to the online degree because they see it as easier and more flexible for them. However, I truly feel like it’s definitely one of the reasons the Earth sucks.


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