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News that isn’t really news but it’s news because we watch it, read it, listen to it, etc:

Several media outlets offered to help track the balloon with their helicopters, a sheriff's spokeswoman says.

Yesterday (October 15th) a 6 year old boy named Falcon Heene supposedly climbed into his father’s homemade weather balloon and decided to go for a joyride. He supposedly flew all over Colorado while authorities, his parents, and Americans across the country watched. Soon enough the balloon crashed and no little boy was found.

Fast forward to the little boy strolling out into his living room just hours later. He tells his parents that he was hiding in the attic in a box.. doing what you ask? Napping! Apparently he was scared because his father had yelled at him for playing with the balloon and decided to hide in a box in the attic.

Fast forward even further to later that night and then the next morning when the Heene’s go through a series of interviews and at one point Falcon in his honest to 6 year old self’s own words says: “You guys said we did this for the show”. His parents say he meant the interview itself.. and investigators apparently agree. The good news is that the parents are apparently grateful.

Is this honestly news? Sure, a little boy goes missing for hours but this was “breaking news” at 3pm CST yesterday. The story was definitely interesting, sad, a little humorous but most of all CNN in its infinite news wisdom found it to be breaking news.


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